Michael S. Serrill Named President,
Joseph Berger Editor of Silurian News

Michael Serrill

MICHAEL S. SERRILL, A VETERAN journalist and former foreign editor, has been named the 72nd president of the Silurians Press Club, heading a new lineup of officers for the 2020-21 season. Serrill succeeds David A. Andelman, who returns to the Board of Governors following a sterling two-year term as president.

Serrill has been a writer and editor at such magazines as Bloomberg Markets, Time, Institutional Investor and Business Week. Like Andelman, he is a former president of the Overseas Press Club, a post he held from 2012 to 2014. For the past two years, Serrill has been the editor of Silurian News as well as first vice president. He has been succeeded in those posts by Joseph Berger, who moves from second vice president to first vice president. David Margolick leaves the Board of Governors to succeed Berger as second vice president.

Serrill, now a freelance writer and editor, was assistant managing editor of Bloomberg Markets magazine. He was with Bloomberg from 2006 to 2015. Earlier in his career, he was an editor and senior writer with Time magazine, where he covered subjects ranging from the first Palestinian intifada to famine in Ethiopia. In 1998, he joined Institutional Investor magazine as assistant managing editor/international, then went to Business Week as Asia/International finance editor.

In another change of officers, after serving as secretary of the Silurians for the last nine years, Linda Amster has returned to the Board of Governors. She has been succeeded as secretary by board member Carol Lawson. Karen B. Richardson remains as treasurer. Returning board members are: Betsy Ashton, Jack Deacy, Bill Diehl, Allan Dodds Frank, Tony Guida, Aileen Jacobson; Myron Kandel, Bernard Kirsch, Ben Patrusky, Myron Rushetzky, Mort Sheinman and Scotti Williston. They have been joined by Joyce Wadler, a new addition to the board. Wadler was an award-winning staff reporter at The New York Times for 15 years and author of the humor column “I Was Misinformed.”

Gary Paul Gates, Herbert Hadad and Robert D. McFadden remain as Governors Emeriti.

Departing president Andelman can look back at a two-year term distinguished by a key name change aimed at sharpening the identity of the Silurians for a modern age, a parade of guest speakers who consistently drew good-sized audiences to our lunches, and the decision to have “virtual” board meetings once the spread of Covid 19 made in-person meetings impossible. In 2019, the Society of the Silurians — known by that name since its inception in 1924 — changed its name to the Silurians Press Club. The change recognized the differences between an analog age and a digital age, and made the club’s mission more readily identifiable to new generations of journalists. Guest speakers while Andelman was president included: Arthur O. Sulzberger, chairman of The New York Times Company, describing how The Times weathered the financial storms that confronted print media 20 years ago; columnist Dan Barry and Supreme Court expert Linda Greenhouse of The Times; Steve Kroft of “60 Minutes,” who had just retired and who was named the Silurians’ 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award winner; Gabriel Sherman, author of “The Loudest Voice in the Room,” on what it was like researching a tell-all biography of Roger Ailes; media critic Ken Auletta, winner of the Silurians’ 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award; and writer Tony Schwartz, who offered personal insights about his relationship with Donald Trump, with whom he collaborated on the book “The Art of the Deal.” Andelman also lined up Tom Brokaw of NBC to speak at this year’s award ceremony in June.

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