Keith J. Kelly, ‘Media Ink’ Columnist
At NY Post,
to Speak at June 19 Lunch

Keith J. Kelly

Maybe the mythic days of “Extra! Extra! Read all about it!” are gone, but you wouldn’t know it from the way veteran New York Post media columnist Keith J. Kelley goes about his business.  He’s definitely old school. His mantra is “scoops.” A self-described “hard-nosed, gumshoe reporter,” Kelly’s raison d’etre is to be the first to get word out about anything and everything having to do with the comings and goings of the media scene. And he’ll do what it takes to make that happen. As he once put it: “There’s one thing I get paid for, it’s scoops for The Post.  If you’re gonna give scoops to someone else, you’re taking food off my kids’ table.”  

It’s been that way since he first signed on with The Post some two decades ago. And even though “scoop” may have lost some of yesteryear’s fizz in this new era of diminished print competition and digitally driven, blink-of-an-eye news cycles, Kelly remains on the prowl and, arguably, busier than ever, in light of the proliferation of Web-based media news feeds and the relentless cascade of stories spilling from an industry still in the throes of tumultuous change.  Small wonder his “Media Ink” column continues to hold sway as the go-to read for those eager to stay in the know.

Now you’ll have the pleasure of hearing directly from the media maven himself, about his adventures — and misadventures too, given the potential pitfalls of doing what he does — and also get his take on what he sees in store for the news publishing biz, when Kelly joins us as speaker at the Silurian Press Club’s June 19 lunch, the last before the summer break.

A graduate of SUNY in Oneonta, N.Y., where he earned his bachelor’s degree in literature, Kelly began his journalism career as editorial director of Magazine Week in 1988. Four years later he moved on to Cowles Business Media as editor of Folio: First Day, a newsletter about the publishing industry. In 1994, he was named a senior editor at Advertising Age. He next spent a year at the New York Daily News, before joining The Post in 1998 to cover the media beat.

There’s another aspect worth mentioning, namely his role as the co-organizer of a cadre of notable New York namesakes (e.g., former police commissioner Ray Kelly; former Time magazine managing editor Jim Kelly) who have been gathering for Christmas lunch since 2000. Playfully dubbed “The Kelly Gang “ by former Post colleague Steve Dunleavy when he spotted the gaggle at table one day, the name stuck and the group has since evolved into a charitable organization that funds a wide spectrum of worthy causes.  

All in all, it promises to be a fitting end to a most successful Silurian season.  Hope to see you there.

The date:   Wednesday, June 19
The time:   Noon
The place: The National Arts Club, 15 Gramercy Park South                            

To attend, reservations are necessary. We are using Eventbrite to handle our luncheon reservations. There is no extra charge for this unless you choose to pay in advance for your ticket with a credit card. All you need to do is click the link and follow the directions:

You will then receive an email confirmation.

You may also reserve by calling the Silurians’ reservation line at 212-532-0887. Please spell your name clearly and include a contact number or email address. Lunch prices are $55 for members, $65 for guests, payable at the door by credit card, check or cash (exact change, please). And you’re bringing a guest, make sure to tell us your guest’s name.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Because we must give the National Arts Club a final attendance tally two days before the luncheon, we cannot accept cancellations after noon on Monday, June 17. If you fail to cancel your reservation by then and turn out to be a no-show, you will nevertheless be billed for the lunch because the NAC will bill us for it. So please make your reservation, assure yourself a seat and join us for what promises to be an extra-special event.

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